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Multi unit BTR scheme


Buy to Rent Interior Design, is not just creating spaces; it's creating value. Join us on a journey where aesthetics and economics converge to redefine the BTR landscape.

Our Mission

BTR Interior Design is a brainchild of Ademchic, a development design consultancy. The site was born out of our deeper need to  empower developers, investors, and operators to think bigger, be bolder and bring to live more coherent, thought-through and future-proofed new homes. At Ademchic, we're on a mission to seamlessly blend creativity and profitability within the dynamic realm of Buy to Rent (BTR) as well and a wider residential development. Our relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with a deep understanding of the B2B interior design space, drives us to create buildings that not only captivate the senses but also maximise rental income and property value. Through collaboration, expertise, and a dedication to ROI-driven design, we aspire to redefine the BTR landscape and inspire a future where aesthetics and economics harmoniously coexist. 

Our Vision

Ademchic's vision at BTR Interior Design is to be a trusted resource for the BTR industry, renowned for thought leadership in the Buy to Rent space. We want to be at the forefront of design solutions that revolutionise the way we perceive and engage with rental properties. Through our unwavering commitment to our clients' success and the communities we serve, we aim to leave an enduring legacy of inspirational interiors and thriving investments. We envision a future where every BTR development  becomes an inviting, lucrative, and sustainable investment. A future where our clients and community continually set new standards of excellence, driving innovation, and fostering meaningful collaborations that shape the BTR sector.

BTR lounge designed by Ademchic
With years of experience in the field, our team of seasoned interior designers, visualisers, marketing specialists and stylists crafts interiors that captivate the eye and boost your bottom line. We believe that well-designed spaces have the power to attract and retain tenants, increase rental income, and elevate the overall perceived value of your properties.


Editorial  Team

Karolina Adamczyk

Karolina Adamczyk, the driving force and founder of Ademchic, is a true dynamo at the helm of the company. With a background in banking, Karolina made a bold foray into the London property market four years ago, initially focusing on developing projects for her personal portfolio. During this time, she not only honed her skills in property development but also cultivated a loyal following of clients and admirers.

Fuelled by her passion for design and real estate, Karolina took the leap to establish Ademchic in 2016. Over the next 7 years, she dedicated herself tirelessly to building the brand, showcasing her unique vision and expertise in the industry.

Darragh Cooney

Ademchic's Marketing Manager, Darragh, transitioned from graphic designer to the driving force behind Ademchic’s internal marketing efforts. With a deep passion for branding and design, Darragh blends creativity and strategy to shape brand narratives of Ademchic clients, ensuring Ademchic brand designs  remain innovative and impactful

Pilar Aguirre

With an extensive property experience spanning both Manhattan and Los Angeles, Pilar infuses a transatlantic flair into her role as Studio Director, where she oversees the thriving 10-strong Ademchic studio. Her unique background in two of the most dynamic real estate markets in the world provides a valuable perspective, enriching the studio's approach to design and project management. Pilar's attention to detail, honed through her diverse experiences, ensures that every aspect of Ademchic's projects is executed with precision and finesse.


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