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Enhancing BTR Operational Efficiency through Thoughtful Interior Design

Updated: Jan 19

Karolina Adamczyk - Chief Visionary Officer at Ademchic
Karolina Adamczyk - Chief Visionary Officer at Ademchic

Discover how BTR Interior Design plays a pivotal role in shaping the operational success of a Build to Rent (BTR) scheme. Beyond aesthetics, it becomes a strategic tool to optimize the functionality and efficiency of various aspects within the property.

We spoke to Karolina Adamczyk, Chief Visionary Officer at design studio and consultancy Ademchic to find out how design can seamlessly align with the operational requirements of a BTR scheme. Her key considerations are listed below.

Key Design Considerations

Lobby Dynamics: The lobby serves as the gateway to a resident's experience and a point of immediate value/brand positioning. Efficient design should consider the flow of people between the concierge, post room and other internal areas. In cases where there isn't a concierge, addressing the growing demand for secure package management is key. Incorporating smart and accessible storage solutions ensures convenience for both residents and management, ensuring a streamlined process for parcel handling.

Back of House Services: Speaking of concierge, the location and design of back-of-house services are vital for operational efficiency. Well-planned service areas contribute to the smooth functioning of maintenance, cleaning, and other essential services without disrupting the resident experience. A conversion project will be more challenging to design because you're working with a pre-determined set of structural constraints which won't always allow for optimisation.

Corridor Configuration: Corridors are often overlooked, but their design can significantly impact the overall functionality of a BTR property. Well-designed corridors facilitate smooth traffic flow, provide emergency evacuation routes, and contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal. What goes with design of corridors are considerations for moving in and out. This involves strategic planning for lifts, provision of trolleys, optimal doorway widths for furniture, and effective wayfinding systems to ease the relocation process.

Acoustic Considerations: Music can be strategically used to filter out negative background noise, creating a more pleasant living environment. Acoustic design plays a crucial role in minimizing disturbances, fostering a serene atmosphere within the property.

Scent for Wellbeing: The strategic use of scent can significantly impact residents' perception of a space. Designing for wellbeing involves integrating scents that create a sense of welcome and eliminate negative odors, contributing to a positive living experience.

Material Specification for Longevity: In the realm of Build to Rent (BTR) schemes, the longevity of materials is paramount. Design goes hand in hand with practicality, emphasizing the importance of selecting materials that not only contribute to the property's aesthetic appeal but also withstand the test of time. Opting for durable, low-maintenance materials reduces the need for frequent repairs and replacements, ensuring a cost-effective and sustainable approach. The careful consideration of materials aligns with the operational efficiency of a BTR property, promoting longevity, ease of maintenance, and minimizing disruptions for both residents and management. This foresight in material selection contributes to the property's sustained allure and functionality, a testament to the thoughtful integration of design and practicality in BTR developments.

Hallway - Designed by Ademchic

Source: Ademchic

In conclusion, design in the context of a BTR scheme goes beyond aesthetics; it becomes a tool for operational optimization. By focusing on key areas such as lobby, corridors, post and storage solutions, interior design can elevate the overall functionality and resident satisfaction within a Build to Rent property. It's a holistic approach that blends aesthetics with operational efficiency, creating a truly exceptional living experience.


If you require assistance with BTR design, please do not hesitate to schedule a call with Ademchic. We would be delighted to discuss your needs and explore potential solutions that align with your goals.

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