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Stay on Budget: Cost-Effective Interior Design Strategies for BTR Investments

Updated: Jan 19

Budget-Conscious BTR Design: Ademchic’s Expert Strategies

When it comes to Build to Rent (BTR) properties, interior design can greatly influence the appeal of the property to potential tenants, increase its overall value and boost rental income. However, the thought of interior design can be overwhelming, particularly when you have financial limitations. The good news is that creating an attractive and stylish interior doesn't need to be expensive.

This blog reveals three savvy and cost-effective strategies by BTR Interior Design Specialist Ademchic to make your investment property shine without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Focus on High-Impact Areas

Not every room in your BTR property needs an extensive design makeover. Identify high-impact areas that have the most influence on tenant impressions. These may include entrance hallways, cafe or amenity spaces. Allocate a larger portion of your budget to these areas and keep apartment interiors functional but modest.

Karolina Adamczyk, Chief Visionary Officer of Ademchic explains:

“BTR Interior Designers need to have a big vision for positioning of the BTR project and its interiors but they also need to be able to leave their ego at the door. Ultimately, a BTR project is a commercial undertaking and our role as designers is to work to the budget that’s set. It’s not unusual to spend over 30% of overall project time on value engineering - that’s what we get hired for, to come up with a design that has a big impact on a budget”. then spend a good amount of time finding materials that will work with the overall budget. Some tricks we may use are pairing a cost-effective floor tile with a wow-factor entrance bar. Or suggest going for a more cost-effective furniture package in the lobby area and pair it with elegant fitted joinery”.

Ademchic - Amenity Space BTR Design

Source: Ademchic

2. 80/20 Colour Principle

Inside homes and apartments, timeless, neutral colours provide a versatile backdrop that appeals to a wide range of tenants and allows them to easily integrate their future. Use neutral tones for wall paint, flooring and larger furnishings for an effortlessly chic aesthetic. In kitchens and bathrooms you can be more playful. This is where you can differentiate your project from everything else on the market. Moody joinery in the bathroom or a toned-down colour on your kitchen cabinets can create a great impression on a viewing, particularly when balanced with neutral tones of the specification. Don’t go crazy, go for one or two colours max and stick to the 80/20 pareto principle - 80% neutrals and 20% toned down colours. Adding colour to your cabinetry will often cost the same as going with the “sea of grey” scheme, while it will provide a more memorable viewing experience that will make your homes look more bespoke.

Fieldhouse Furniture - Designed by Ademchic

3. Focus on Lighting

Well-designed lighting plays a pivotal role in enhancing the attractiveness of rental homes, creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere that potential tenants find appealing. Strategically placed fixtures can highlight architectural features of your specification, making spaces appear larger and more functional, leaving a lasting positive impression on prospective tenants. Warm and soft lighting can also evoke a cosy ambiance, making your homes feel like a welcoming retreat.

Homes with smart lighting systems, where tenants can adjust settings remotely, are particularly attractive, offering a modern and convenient lifestyle, while the financial cost to the BTR investor may be minimal. Ademchic works with suppliers who will offer tenants upgrades such as intelligent curtains or blinds, lighting automation and even audio and video equipment upgrade, a contract for which runs separately from your rental agreement. An additional value added to the tenant without adding operational strain on the operator.

Ademchic - BTR Designed Hallway

Source: Ademchic

Conclusion: Stylish and Budget-Friendly BTR Design Interiors

Crafting cost-effective Build to Rent (BTR) interiors does not mean compromising on style or quality. By setting a realistic budget and focusing on high-impact areas, you can create appealing BTR interiors that attract tenants while staying within your financial constraints. Adding wow-factor with elements that do not cost more, such as color or playing with lighting features, can also help. Remember that small, thoughtful touches can go a long way in making your properties stand out in the competitive market. With the right approach, you can achieve both style and budget-consciousness.

If you need help with BTR design, please do not hesitate to schedule a call with Ademchic. We would be happy to discuss your needs and explore potential solutions that align with your goals.

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